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How is Coronavirus affecting our business.

Updated 05/04/2020 at 16:00

We wanted to make sure we are doing all we can to keep our customers up to date with how current events are affecting our business. We will keep this page up to date with any news we have when we have it. 

Staffing and Customer Service

We have encouraged our staff to look after themselves during these uncertain times, maintaing distancing guidelines and hygeiene. We do currently have some office staff members self isolating and we are missing calls, online chat has also been turned off.

We have turned off chat to ensure we can respond to all emails and as many calls as possible. 

We do encourage customers to ring or email us if possible. We always try to ensure that all emails are responded to within the working day. If the email is received after we are closed for the day an an after hours emails will be sent and you will be contacted first thing the working day. 

Repair wise, we are on top of our repair queue bar devices waiting for parts. So our normal turnaround time is currently achievable for repairs we are stocked for. If we receive an order that stock has run out, we will be sure to notify you and provide an ETA on the part supply. 

 With the announcement from Boris Johnson PM last night 24/03/2020, we are still open to public. as we are classed as Critical supplier as we are a the Information technology sector.

To keep in-line with goverment advice we will be wearing gloves and we will wipe down the item that we are working on before and after the job to minimise risk to both our customers and ourselves and if requested pick up from a safe place within sight of your door.