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Smaller businesses depend on efficient communications to make them accessible and give their personnel the flexibility to work anywhere. Lee’s Connect provides communications solutions using the latest technologies combined to make smaller businesses more efficient, more connected and more able to compete. Sophisticated doesn’t have to equate to complicated. We will work with you to design, deliver and support the connectivity that your business needs.


We offer a VoIP telephony service with guaranteed call quality which grows with your business. Accessed via an easy to use web-portal, the service includes lots of clever features with an emphasis on control and easy administration. We will quickly configure the system according to your needs, while staff manage calls easily and effectively. If you are considering moving to a new VoIP telephone service, we can provide a demonstration system for your business to fully test its functionality before making a commitment.

High Speed Internet

We offer a wide range of business broadband and high-speed internet access services. As a specialist in connectivity for smaller businesses we understand the importance of the Internet to your business and offer a range of services to ensure you can get on with running your business – rather than worrying about your Internet connection.

To find out more, please get in touch to speak to a member of our team.